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Our services

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can provide you with comprehensive, detailed, efficient and economical advice on all questions relating to wood-based materials and transport solutions. Our range of services is as individual as your project.

Detailed planning
We design and plan your transport economically. We make a detailed plan before ordering. In this way, the exact type and number of pallets can be determined at the beginning of the shipping process. This not only saves costs, but also saves space.
Individual transport packaging
Our packaging solutions are as unique as your packages. Our top priority is always to make your product safe and undamaged. You will find the package that meets your needs, such as wooden boxes, exhibition boxes, lattice boxes or collars.
Adjust delivery time
Finding the right timing for shipping and logistics is important. We plan and coordinate the delivery times personally with you so that everything arrives on time and at your desired destination.
Our transport
Deliveries are made with our own vehicle fleet, or nationally with our partner shipping companies.

The pallet has to withstand a lot! Even the best pallets are damaged over time and have minor or serious defects. Continuous replacement of damaged pallets can quickly become an expensive proposition. In general, it is more economical to use a pallet repair service.

Technically, repaired pallets cannot be distinguished from new pallets. Defective parts are replaced by new manuals.
Repair of pallets
We use an advanced pallet recycling system,
to end the pallet cycle.
We not only dispose of but also recycle all pallets.
Recycling of pallets and wood material
Special pallet construction
The system pallet occupies a special place within the special pallets.
It is used in the high-bay warehouse and is for the entire customer-specific
Logistics and inventory control system provided.
The dimensions of a certain product determine the dimensions of a special pallet or system pallet.

Second hand
Identical to the EPAL Euro pallet, but neutral
Use in high rack possible
Extremely resilient module carrier pallets
Also available in IPPC version
Chamber dried

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