From a single source

We are at home in the world of load carriers and with the help of our own fleet of vehicles, we are fast and flexible for you, in the same way in the world of freight forwarding we are regionally on the road for you. We work with our partner network across regions.

More than buying and selling

For us, “no” is not the answer!
We specialize in building new special pallets, repairing and buying and selling all kinds of loading equipment. Contact us!


Our experience in the production of pallets is over 17 years and we can offer you high quality products and services based on our many years of experience.
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Who we are ?

LEHN Paletten GmbH is a medium-sized company and IPPC company, which has specialized in the construction of special pallets, the repair and purchase and sale of loading equipment of all kinds.
With an excellent price-performance ratio, the extensive range and our high-performance service, we would like to provide you with the best possible solution for the storage and transport of your products.
We process all kinds of recyclable materials such as paper / cardboard, foil, styrofoam, and all kinds of plastics. We help our partner companies to dispose of or market their recyclable material residues. Talk to us and we will be happy to work out an individual loading device supply or disposal concept tailored to your company.
The used pallets correspond to the new ones. As a consumer, you make a significant contribution to environmental protection. So give us a call if you have pallets to hand over or need them at short notice. We accept all pallets and deliver the optimal pallet for each product. As a pallet user, use our services in accordance with the packaging ordinance, because we too bring your pallets back into the cycle.